Friday, July 6, 2018

Windows 7 officially passes Windows XP

According to a recent report from market research firm StatCounter, Window 7 currently accounts for 40.2% of the global operating system market, up from 38.6% of Windows XP.
So far, only two years since its official launch (October 2009), Windows 7 has officially become the most popular operating system in the world, surpassing even the 'monument' of Windows XP product key to become "chicken". Microsoft's golden egg.
According to Microsoft's announcement, the company sold 60 million Windows 7 units in the first three months, and by the 18th month, that number had reached 350 million. And so far this number has risen. 450 million copies.
According to another Gartner study, 94% of all computers shipped in 2011 installed Windows 7, and by the end of the year the number of Windows 7 product key shipments would be 635 million, 42% of the market. global operating system.
However, by 2012, this number may change as Microsoft plans to release Windows 8 product key with a friendly interface and the ability to integrate on both the keyboard and mouse devices. The device uses touch screen.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Activate the prompt dialog to avoid accidentally deleting files on Windows 10

For the sake of convenience, Microsoft has removed some of the notification dialogs on Windows 10, including a confirmation dialog when deleting files. However, this is not necessarily convenient, especially for those who careless and erroneously delete important files...
With previous versions of Windows product key, whenever you delete a file, a dialog box will pop up asking if you really want to delete this file, click "Yes" to confirm and click " No "to cancel the file shuffle. So if you just accidentally choose to delete the file then just cancel the delete command.
However, since Windows 8 product key and later versions (now Windows 10), this familiar and equally important dialog has been removed. With these versions of Windows, when deleted files or folders, the deleted data will immediately move to the Windows recycle bin without asking whether the user really want to delete the file / folder or not.
This is convenient for users who do not have to deal with too many things, but they also cause many inconveniences, especially for those who sometimes unintentionally delete important files, and then clean up the recycle bin. Check the trash can contain any data. This will cause you to lose important data.
To avoid this situation, you can restore the confirmation dialog that appears when deleting the file to ensure thorough inspection before deleting. To do this, you can proceed as follows:
- First, right-click the Recycle Bin icon, select Properties.
- From the dialog box that appears, check the "Display Delete Confirmation Dialog" option.
- Click OK to save the setting. Now, every time you delete a file from Windows 10 product key, the file deletion dialog is displayed like previous versions of Windows, allowing you to confirm whether you really want to delete this file or just accidentally click wrong delete button file.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Windows 7 will quickly overshadow Vista

Just over a year after its launch, Microsoft's next-generation operating system will account for more than 50 percent of all software it ships for business users, according to IDC.
According to IDC, in 2010, Windows 7 product key will account for 49.5% of the Windows operating system sold to the business, equivalent to nearly 58 versions. That's far ahead of Vista - only 15 percent of software that Microsoft plans to ship next year, or 18 million.
Windows 7 is the best-selling item on the Amazon sales page with a steady increase in people's purchasing power.
Windows Vista will soon be dead, as the old Windows XP product key will still make up nearly 35% of the total, or 41 million, in 2010, although this is also the time when the operating system - released in late 2001. - will expire.
In 2011, Windows 7 accounted for nearly 75% of the software sold, while Vista's sales were down 5%.
As predicted by IDC, in 2012, Vista operating system will disappear completely in the minds of users, while XP will still reach 15 million units and in 2013 will reach 8.4 million. There will be a lot of people buying Windows 7 to downgrade to XP under Microsoft's Software Assurance program.
The company estimates that Windows 7 will account for 95 percent of Microsoft's operating system sales for the next four years, up from 90 percent in 2012.
Microsoft office 2013 product key is expected to transfer Windows 7 software to computer makers next week. And the final version will be released on October 22nd.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Microsoft has allowed Windows 10 updates for free, though it has expired

All you need to do is download an EXE file from the official Microsoft website, then perform the installation without any difficulty.
As you know, July 29 is the deadline for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 free before starting to pay royalties. However, in a recent message, Microsoft is still making it easy for consumers to like it. Windows 10 can be upgraded to a free version of it in the form of "using support technology."
This can be regarded as a form of self-opening "backdoor" of Microsoft to continue encouraging users to update to Windows 10 product key. It is known that Microsoft has not checked or set the rules for users to download and use. An updated support version.
All you need to do is download an EXE file from the official Microsoft website (though it's hidden on the home page), then perform the update without having to go through the test.
Microsoft office 2010 product key has not yet released an official release date for the upgrade. So if you are a Windows 10 favorite user but have not upgraded to this version, we can download and install completely free of charge under the following link.
Microsoft is also planning to release a special update on the first anniversary of Windows 10 in the next few days. The update will include improvements to Cortana, Windows Ink, the Microsoft Edge extension, and many other unique features.
A representative of the company said that those who are using Windows 10 will automatically receive updates through the Windows product key Update function.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Three modern security tools for Windows 8

If you want to manage features on Windows 8 without having to access the desktop, applications in Modern UI mode can help you control this.
Windows 8 tablets and hybrid touch devices, such as Microsoft's Surface Pro series, are said to be vulnerable to malware and other threats than your desktop. Meanwhile, most of the settings and tools related to security on Windows-based devices are mostly still controlled via the traditional desktop interface. At the same time, doing things with menus on the small touch screen can be quite difficult.
Fortunately, the Windows Store in Windows 8 product key offers a very rich set of security related applications, allowing you to control settings and tools from the modern Modern user interface, given is much more convenient.
The following are applications used for online and personal security in Windows 8, including data erasure tools and password management tools to provide access to security software. that you have installed. Users can download from the Windows Store online store or from the vendor's home page.
1. Password Manager
If you are looking for an application to manage your passwords securely, the best place to start is an application from a well known company. LastPass is a value-added password management application that provides a secure solution for storing passwords, credit cards and other information, complete with fully automated features. The modern version of Windows 8 is similar to the popular browser plug-ins and also has an integrated web browser in it.
This leading data management and password management service securely stores all your login information, so you can access your account and services from anywhere. It can also automatically fill in login information and protect your online life better. LastPass provides users worldwide with a way to easily and quickly access their digital information.
2. Secure data erase application
Erasing data safely and can make it almost impossible to get back has become a popular demand today. Until recently, only business users and government agencies were required to securely erase data on the storage device to avoid sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Especially with recent disclosures from former agent Edward Snowden, many people feel that their personal information needs to be handled in accordance with security standards.
Responding to this need, secure data deletion applications are seen as an important addition to your computer security repository. Shredder 8 is an appropriate Windows 8 .1 product key application to completely erase data on specific partitions or devices. This free application has the ability to "clean" deleted data on any type of storage media such as hard drives, SSDs and flash drives, as well as the ability to "shred" small volumes. and existing folders.
3. Password Generator
Setting a secure password that includes random characters is a common way to keep your online account safe from harm. Although it is possible to create a secure password yourself, keep in mind that if you are looking for something that can quickly generate a reasonably secure password without having to think about it, the password server is a good choice. pick good.
With a simple user interface, Better Password is free and allows you to create passwords of 5 to 15 characters, and enable / disable password mode including special characters (punctuation marks and numeric symbols). If the password is requested immediately, you can copy the characters into the field you are filling.